Never forget a gift again!

In only a few steps, for as many people as you like:

  • Add the people who are important to you. From immediate family members to your second cousin's stepdaughter. From close friends to the boss's grandson. 
  • For each person, add their personal events. Annual, recurring events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as one-time events such as baby showers, engagement parties, and graduation date. 
  • For each person, add their interests, hobbies, and favorites. What do they like to do? Do they like outdoor sports? Camping? Skiing? Astronomy? Mountain biking? Road biking? Are they beach lovers? Do they like to cook, quilt, or maybe scrapbook? Do they collect anything? Spoons? Sports cards? What's their favorite band? Favorite author? Favorite comic book hero? Are they whiskey lovers? Wine lovers? Cigar lovers? Chocolate lovers? Or maybe coffee? What's their favorite sports team? 
  • Include holidays they celebrate, especially those you'd like to be reminded to buy a gift for. 
  • Add the sizes that you know, such as ring size, hats, clothing and shoes. 
  • You have a great gift idea but it's February and their birthday is in September? Add it to the Gift Ideas section.
  • Every time you buy a gift you can easily add it to a gift history. View and edit the gifts you bought for every person on each personal event and holiday.

See the blog for feature updates and more about the Wrapped Up app.