What’s new in version 1.02?

One of the two major lists in Wrapped Up is the Hot List. It’s a year long list of all the special occasions and holidays celebrated by people that you’ve added to the app, sorted by date. This is so you always know what gift-giving occasion is coming up.

Each item on the list is not just a reminder, it’s also a link to take action and part of the changes in the new version was an update to this interface. Now when pressing on a person’s name in the Hot List a sheet pops up from the bottom with all the info you need about that person’s special event. It includes:

  1. What gift did you give? The list of gift ideas you have already compiled for them. This is handy when you’re in a store or getting some online shopping done and need an idea of what to buy. You can also enter any gift last checkbox on the list. Checking off an item will add it to the gift history section for that person, for that event.

  2. Done for 2016. Once you’ve bought a gift, or decided not to give one, checking this box will cross out and gray the event on the Hot List so you’ll know, at a glance, if you still need to get one.

  3. More info for… This links to that person's full page of information, incase you need their sizes, hobbies and favorite color when out shopping.

Swipe down on the sheet when you’re done to save your gifts and status. Choosing more info will also save that data.

This is an easier, faster way to both get the information you need for a person as you need it and a quick way to save a gift and cross it off your to-do list for this year. Like it? Let us know!

Viewing the quick info sheet for Angelica Schuyler, who celebrates Christmas on December 25, 2016

Viewing the quick info sheet for Angelica Schuyler, who celebrates Christmas on December 25, 2016

A new way to wrap up...

In the spirit of the holiday gift-giving season, here's a method that seems way more efficient than the "traditional" wrapping method. Instead of wrapping the paper around the box and then folding each side, try this diagonal method. It uses only two pieces of tape with only one of them visible, making the wrapped gift look smoother. It's also known as "Japanese gift wrapping.

Take a look!